Samsung Galaxy Watch3 get EKG certified in the U.S.


The good news for the samsung Galaxy Watch3 owners in the united states, the FDA appears to have given the green light, and now it’s official (ECG), certified in the country. It was made clear that the firmware update is that users in the united states of america has begun.

The ECG monitor on the watch is one of the most important features, just like the Apple Watch and the samsung Watch, Active2, for example, and it’s a shame that only a few of the markets to be able to take full advantage of the hardware. At least for the present, only South Korea and the united states of america, have agreed on the ECG monitor.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 get EKG certified in the U.S.

In addition, the firmware adds a VO2 Max measurements, so you can be sure that the maximum amount of oxygen consumption during exercise or at rest. There is also a new, personalized sleep score, and the Advanced analytics feature, keeps you up to date on your progress and give you useful tips on how to improve your running form.



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