Samsung Galaxy S7 of the S-Pen stylus gets FCC certified


Samsung is rumored to unveil the Galaxy S7 and the Tab, the S7+ tablets in the months of July and August. There has been no word from the Korean tech giant is on the Tab, the S7 of the duo is not yet available, but thanks to the leaked images, we already know what they will look like.

Both the tablets have a design similar to the Galaxy S6, and they also have grooves on the back of the S-Pen and the pens. We still haven’t seen the actual function before the Tab, the S7 yet, but it has now been certified by the FCC, hinting at an imminent launch.

Samsung Galaxy tablet S7-CAD renderings

Samsung Galaxy tablet S7-CAD renderings

The FCC listing doesn’t reveal the design or the functionality of the Tab, the S7’s S-Pen, other than with the unveiling of the model number (E-PT870), and a few of the specs such as frequency range, modulation technique, and the number of channels.

The Tab for S7-and S7+, both passed by the Geekbench recently, with the Snapdragon 865, SoC, and 6 GB of RAM under the hood. In the Tab, the S7 is rumored to pack an 11-inch screen while the Plus model will be sporting a 12.4 ” screen, with a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Samsung Galaxy S7+, CAD renderings
Samsung Galaxy S7+, CAD renderings

Samsung Galaxy S7+, CAD renderings

Both models will sport dual rear cameras and 5 g of the support, at least in the US and Europe, while the smaller version will pack a 7,760 mAh battery, while the bigger one will ship with a 9,800 mAh battery cell.



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