Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Tab, the S7+ pop-up menu in the Google Play Console, and the new images will be displayed


Samsung is expected to launch two tablets during its Unpacked event on September 5, the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy Tab, and S7+. We have seen a full spec sheet on it earlier in the week, and the two tiles that appeared on the Google Play Console, and the confirmation of some of the most important piece of hardware.

At the same time, Evan Blass posted, shared some of the official photographs, a confirmation of what we know so far-thin bezels, redesigned S-Pen stylus, and the lack of any fingerprint scanner, which means that the sensor will make its way under the TOUCH screen.

Samsung Galaxy S7 for Wi-Fi
Samsung Galaxy S7 Wi-fi + LTE
Samsung Galaxy S7+ Wi-Fi
Samsung Galaxy S7+ Wi-fi + LTE + 5G

Samsung Galaxy S7 • Samsung Galaxy S7+

The Galaxy S7 will be available in Wi-Fi and ipad with Wi-Fi + LTE models. However, the Tab for S7+, one with 5G compatibility, and is expected to arrive in the markets in which the next-generation networks are already available on a large scale.

The Google Play Console that offers, say, Snapdragon 865+ and a 6-8 GB of RAM. In the case of the devices are in-line with previous leaks – 2,560 x 1,600 pixels for the Tab, S7), and 2800 x 1,752 x to the Tab, the S7+.

Samsung Galaxy tablet S7-serie
Samsung Galaxy tablet S7-serie
Samsung Galaxy tablet S7-serie
Samsung Galaxy tablet S7-serie

Samsung Galaxy S7 series

While all of the specs that are out there for the price and availability is yet to be precisely Extracted, the next week.

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