Samsung Galaxy Note20 will be on the 5th of August


Samsung has announced today that the company’s Galaxy Unpacked event on the 5th of August, and in contrast to the previous samsung Galaxy Unpacked events, which were held in New York city, which will be hosted online and will be live-streamed on the and beginning at 10am ET (2PM GMT).

Samsung does not explicitly state what it will unveil at the event, but it did say that the event is all about the “newest of the eco-system of android-based devices, which are designed to enrich your life.”

The South Korean tech giant also released a short video showing a magical bronze-colored S-Pen-stylus-melting, which confirms that the company will unveil the Galaxy Note20 in the line-up on the 5th of August. You can watch it below.

In addition, the samsung Galaxy Note20 series, Samsung is also expected to unveil the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy Tab, and S7+ to use the tablet as the Galaxy s, the Z-Fold 2, and the Galaxy Z are the Flip to 5G collapsible smartphones on the 5th of August.

We have also heard about the samsung Galaxy Watch3, and the Galaxy Tops the Live TWS of the ears, which are rumored to go official later this month, but there has been no word from Samsung on these devices is has not yet.



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