Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra can be lost from the 48 MP sensor of the zoom cam 108, the MP will not get any upgrades


It’s day 3 of the big Note20 leak, and this is going to be met with disappointment. Leakster @rquandt have tweeted for a more detailed description of the cameras on Samsung’s upcoming flagships. The hardware is based on the S20, the family, but with a few downgrades (you read that right at the bottomthe same time).

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra to get a and S20 Ultra’s large, 1/1.33″ sensor, with its 108 MP resolution is the same. 8K video image is limited to 24 fps, even though S865 phones are already working on 8K at 30 fps, Europe is still getting a Java chip, by the way). Also, while the number of reports that it will have Phase Detection auto-focus, it seems to be the only support for the Phase Detection.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 (D. Green).

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra (Mystic Bronze), • Samsung Galaxy Note20 (D. Green).

It zoom, the camera will reportedly be a you be able to downgrade. The 1/2 in.0 sensor with 48 MP resolution (0.8 µm) pixels will be replaced with a smaller, lower-resolution sensor with a 1/3.6″ in size and is 12 MP and the resolution is 1.0 ám pixels). The lens still provides a 5x magnification, and AS the aperture is a little brighter, f/3.0 vs. at f/3.5.

This can be explained by 100x, Space to Zoom, it will be chosen to go back to the x50 and it is not so much because of its quality, but because the 48 MP sensor would be able to output to a 12 MP crop with a 2x optical zoom. With the same lens, but with the loss of the 2x sensor, it brings us up to 50x optical zoom.

The 12-MP ultra-wide shooter (1/2 in.55″, 1.4 ám, and the f/2.2) remains the same. Don’t have much to say, except for the fact that the 3D-ToF sensor, and will be removed in a matter of fact, neither Note20, it will have a 3D sensor, they will both use the unit. This raises an eyebrow, having regard to the fact, how often do Samsung update S20-auto focus (Ultra apparently turned out to be the most difficult to get right).

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is rumored to be losing the 48 MP sensor of the zoom cam 108, the MP will not get any upgrades

The samsung Galaxy Note20 not to break up the form, it will only be for the S20 camera+ Laser-OFF). This means that the main camera produces 12 megapixels images, they are for the use of a wide and 1.8 µm pixel-to-do. It has, however, a Phase-Detection AF, though.

64 MULTI-function re may be asked to pull double duty, it will also be used as a 3x hybrid the camera to zoom in or out, and for 8K video (at 24 fps). The ultra-wide-angle cam is the same as 12 MP)-module and an f/2.2 at 120° lens, as it was before.

In the meantime, Samsung is reportedly planning to have a number of user experience upgrades to the S Pen. The establishment of the cas latency of 9 ms, so that the use of the stylus, you will feel it immediately, as with a pen and paper. Whatever you write, will be to seamlessly sync with Microsoft OneNote.

And while the company has not yet launched a gaming phone, the samsung Galaxy Note20 duo with optimization, it is Microsoft’s xCloud. The service is configured to run Xbox games from the cloud and streams them to your Android device. At this time, 50 titles will be supported, but the number is said to grow to the 90’s.

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