Samsung Galaxy Note20 series will have an NFC-certified


The Samsung Galaxy s Note20-series is rumored to come out on the 5th of August has been certified by the NFC Forum, will take a step closer to the launch.

The two models can be found on the NFC Forum’s website, the SM-981U, SM-986U believed to be the samsung Galaxy Note20, and Note20+, respectively. However, it is unclear whether or not a nurse, but 986U is Note20+, because it’s been listed on the Bluetooth SIG site as Note20 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 line-up of bags to a friend's NFC-certification

Samsung Galaxy Note20 line-up of bags to a friend’s NFC-certification

The specifications on the NFC Forum on the website do not include any of the specifications of the two smartphones, but the s & m 986U been spotted at Geekbench, back in April, Android-10, 8 GB of RAM, and what is believed to be the unannounced Snapdragon 865+ SoC.

The SM-986U had been using the HTML 5 Test and the Test results of the smartphone pack, with a 19.3:9 screen 3096×1444-pixel resolution. The screen is rumored to have a refresh rate of 120Hz.

We need to hear more about Note20 in the line-up in the next few weeks and will hopefully have more clarity on the question of whether a nurse 986U is Note20+ or Note20 Ultra.

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