Samsung Galaxy A71s 5G, NOW it is the lead up to It


Verizon is getting ready for yet another mid-range Samsung smartphone to its 5G of the grate, complete with support for the high-speed mmWave network, of course. This will be a re-interpreted for Galaxy A71; however, in contrast to the previously-announced A71 5G, the Big Red’s model will be powered by a different chipset and a different name.

It’s going to be called the samsung Galaxy A71s 5G NOW, to fit in with what seems to be from the Turn of the new naming (i.e. living in “5G, NOW at the end of the device monikers, to the left and to the right, where you see “YOUR” for “ultra-wideband” (aka mmWave).

The samsung Galaxy A71s 5G, NOW it can very well be seen as an A71 in the 5G or the A71, but it is the Snapdragon 765 chip, not an Exynos. At least, that’s what’s been rumored. If this pans out, it could be the first Snapdragon 765 handset to support the mmWave 5G.

The domain name has been revealed by a number of recent requests for approval, so that it is set in stone. The rest of the specs are in line with the international A71 5G model, it remains to be seen. Samsung and Verizon may have a number of small updates have finished, this version is worthy of the “s” in suffix.



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