Samsung Facebook partner to help offline retailers go Digital in India


Samsung India has partnered with industry-leading social media technology company and Facebook to be able to train offline retailers to go digital in a big way. For the consumer, this initiative will help them to access product information, and to enable them to complete the purchase of the Galaxy series of smartphones on the social media pages of their local retailers. Also Read Realme TV, the smart remote the first look troubled, dedicated buttons for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

In the first phase, Samsung, and Facebook have already trained more than 800 offline retailers, with more courses lined up in the next couple of weeks. The main focus of the training is to the offline retailers creating a digital presence through the Facebook family of apps, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. Also Read – WhatsApp takes up to 30 seconds of video, select the status option

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“Through our collaboration with Facebook is with the help of a large number of our retail partners, is going digital in a big way. By making use of Facebook training for our retail partners to be able to detect and target the local consumer in a digital format. Consumers will also benefit as they now have access to all the information about the product and / or shop for the samsung Galaxy-smart phones on the Social Media pages of their local retailers,” said Mohandeep Singh, Vice President, Mobile Business, Samsung India. Also Read on – Samsung-S20-series, pre-booking is offering to extend, now, to redeem up to and including June 30,

How it works

The training will help offline retailers to define their business pages and accounts on Facebook and Instagram. What it does mean is that retailers are able to target the local consumer through these social media channels. Not only that, but they will be able to cope with (potential) customers via WhatsApp. To connect with the local retailers and online, which eliminates the need for consumers to visit a physical retail store.

Thing Samsung notice is that the retailers are able to engage with potential customers in order to share information, such as e-detailers, and e-catalogs. They will be able to get their favorite music and videos via WhatsApp, contact your local retailers, at the retailer, WhatsApp Business app, and it will be delivered to their home.


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