Samsung extends the warranty on certain of its products in Croatia and further


Samsung, along with other major oems, extended warranty on most of its products, COVID-19 is in a crisis about a month ago. The service centres will be closed, the company needs to compensate its customers, or in any other way, so that anyone with a Samsung device, with the maturing of warranty is between March 20th and April 30th, they will be able to set the phone up to the 31st of May. Today, Samsung Croatia, to extend the period of time as a result.

Since the extension of the time limit is slightly different, depending on the market, and the new date for the shipyard of Samsung owners will be pushed back to July 15th. Initially, customers had their warranties extended to the 15th of June. All-in-one mobile product, the warranty will end between March 15 and June 15 of the application for an extension till the 15th of July.

Even though the Croatian branch was the first to re-extend the warranty period has expired, and others will probably follow soon enough as the crises in some parts of the world to study them.

Source (in Croatian)


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