Samsung AltZLife – private-mode-in-India-for-the-Galaxy A71 A51 users


To the user, there is a growing concern about privacy, and Samsung wants in order to meet the demands of the consumers in India due to the introduction of a new feature called AltZLife, which is, in essence, is a system-wide private browsing, that you will be able to activate it on the fly.

As of now, only the existing and the new owners of the samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 are able to take advantage of its functionality. Double-press the power button to switch between normal and private mode with a computer-driven, intelligent algorithm that suggests what content to move to the protected directory. Things such as instant messaging accounts, images, and apps cannot be transferred to the AltZLife mode.

Samsung has started seeding an update yesterday, so AltZLife need to get most, if not all of the Galaxy, A51, A71 phone in the next few days. And going by Samsung’s blog, it seems as though the feature is limited to Indian users only. At least for the time being.



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