Rosemarie Vega has a message for the haters after an argument with Ed Brown


“90 Day Fiance” star Rosemarie Vega wants her fans to know that they are not to let her anger out on Ed Brown and the get the better of her. The “90-Day Fiancé” is determined to have a optimistic take a look at her life in the first place. She also posted a photo of herself on Instagram as a way to deal with the hate she has received. In the caption, they reminded their followers that they are “two steps ahead” of its enemies, reported In Touch Weekly. She also said that she knows that God has plans for her in the long run.

Rosemarie Vega disowns controversial fake Instagram page

Rosemarie Vega, recently discovered, is that there are a lot of fake accounts on Instagram pretending to be her. She was angry that someone would have her name and picture on it that way. She warned her fans to be careful with the accounts that they follow. According to her, the fake, accounts to be copied to its actual event, and they did not want them to fall in to the trap.

“The90 Day Fiance“the star also said that it was a fake account, the owner has been using her picture to scam people.

She drove out to the anonymous owner, to tell them to stop asking her fans to the money. Rosemarie has also shown that they don’t have anything to do with a GoFundMe campaign that was started last month. The campaign reportedly aims to raise at least US$12,000 to help her and her son the Prince to get out of poverty. There was also a campaign with a $100,000 goal, which seeks to “rescue” her from her Big Ed.

In the Philippines, “For 90 Days,” the cast member said that they would not allow that, the creators of the campaign.

It has also made it clear that they are not going to make a fund-raising campaign any time soon.

Big Ed’s is just getting started as a controversy over the ’90 Day Fiance’

In the middle of ” s “The 90-Dayepisode, Big Ed’s awkward as told to Rosemarie Vega, that they are to suffer from bad breath. “The90 Day Fiance“personality is made it through through his girlfriend with a pair of mouth wash, tooth brush and tooth paste. Instead, the value of the gift, Rosemarie, was on the defensive.

She argued that her bad breath is caused by the stomach ulcers. She didn’t want Ed to think that she does not brush her teeth.

However, the Ed acted dismissively towards her. At one point during the show, he replied sarcastically, whispering that he was beautiful. It is an understatement to say that Big Ed is in the controversy over “90 Days.” In the past two months, fans will have a slew of professional photographers, for all of its actions on the show.

One of the actions that have earned the outrage when he told Rosemarie to undergo an STD test. He was a tornado of negative comments online because of the comments.

Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega, members of the cast of the fourth season of “the90 Day Fiance: 90 Days.” Let us know what you think about it, Big Ed and Rose’s relationship. Stay tuned for more news and updates on the “90-Day Fiance.”

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