Ron Rivera to work with Dan Snyder to change the name


The Washington Redskins seem to be on a fast track to change their name, especially after the huge push to be supported by their main sponsors.

Now, in an interview with the Les Carpenter of the Washington Postthe new team’s head coach, Ron Rivera proved that he has been working with the team’s owner, Dan Snyder, to find a suitable name for the NFL franchise.

“We just have to be ready for the season, it’d be great,” Ron Rivera said of the change of the “Redskins” name. “We came up with a few of the names of two of them, I think they will.”

The family has been an amazing presence since taking over from Washington in the off-season. He has been the team’s identity, and do not back down from anything.

Right now, it looks like he takes care of the costs in this situation as well.

As Rivera pointed out, it is still uncertain whether the team will change its name for the 2020 season. However, it seems pretty clear that they will do their best to make it happen.

For what it’s worth, the team is under immense pressure to make a quick change. Recently, Nike removed all of the Redskins gear on their web site, and reportedly will not be on them unless a change has been made. With that being said, the franchise needs in order to rapidly come up with a new name for the clothing giant, will need still have a couple of the sweaters and deliver them to distributors.

It will be interesting to see what Washington will do with the “Redskins” name. They will go on to make minor adjustments to the name and the logo? Or will she opt for a great review, and coming up with an entirely new identity, with different colors, logos, and other names?

Luckily for the fans, it doesn’t matter if you have to wait a long time.

James Conner, The Steelers


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