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On Friday, the sun is high in the spring sky, the teachers and the staff of the Santa Rosa Academic Academy around the school’s parking lot and decorated it with balloons, signs and banners, the students and their families presented by the parties in a student’s appreciation parade. Its almost a spontaneous event, brought to the Roadrunner family, at the other a moment of mutual appreciation and expression of love and care.

“It was just a little to get all the families together,” SRAA a teacher, and event organizer, Sara Holland said. “We had the feeling of a meditation, I felt the silence to be sure, the speed, and the burn-out of the family to do so.”

As of March 13, students and teachers will have practiced learning at a distance, and the event brought out the SRAA community — students, parents, and teachers together for a live, in-person, which brought out happy emotions.

“It’s just to celebrate them [students], “Holland said. “Of course, I have to get something out of it. I was hardly a dry eye.”

Similar events relating to the province of what happened earlier in the week, the Roadrunners were quick to take their own parade to go to.

“I told somebody last week,” Holland said, “and on Monday, it was decided that we would do this on Friday, and bam … you’re telling people to show up, and it’s clear. It’s been great. It’s really exciting.”

Holland and the other teachers, waved, and shouted, dozens of cars filled with families waving and cheering back. The vehicles, both parked and driving, and were adorned with the symbols of the bonus to be reminded each participant that they were taken care of and thought of before.

“Just to show them that we care,” Holland said, ” and that we are to love them, and our community is still out there and we don’t see each other … except on a computer screen.”

The event came together quickly, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Holland said that the event is re-filled their cups, just enough for them to get to the end of the year.

“We were thinking about how to do it, and when they are in their Chromebooks,” Holland said, “but it is too late at that point. We need it right now. We have three weeks of school left, and it shows … Hi, Mark! … let’s get this going and show them that we love them and our community.”

The spiritual revival of the SRAA roots is pumped back life into the student body, to combat the burn-out and fatigue of the family are pulling double-shifts and part-time staff, part-time, bread-winners, and a full-time parent.

“The doctrine of the home, it is hard,” Holland said, “especially if you are a parent that is working well. I work from home and have a kiddo … it’s hard. So, we’re just trying to get them to celebrate [today] and all they have to do it. And let them know that we see them and appreciate them. We love our kids, and just to show that it is the community spirit.”

The netherlands went out to say hi to more of the students who circled the parking lot.


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