RLJE Movies, and Trepidation Have been Acquired by ‘The Void’ Director’s ‘Psycho Goreman for the End of The 2020 Release


The canadian filmmaker’s Steven Kostanski (Manborg, Gnomes, The Voidis back with a Mental Health Goremana horror-comedy, which has just been taken over by the RLJE Movies and It was to shudder.

“With a supporting link from the Kostanski and the Astron-6 will be an employee Adam Brooks (and a few other surprise cameos), PG (Mental Health Goremanto announce the rising star Richard-Josée, Hannah and At Myre when She and Lucas, a constantly bickering brother/sister duo, who have unknowingly back to an old alien overlord (Matt Ninaberwho is buried in the back yard. It is also called the evil-being, Mental and Goreman (or PG for short), which is due to their possession of a magical amulet, and is forced to obey to their childish whims.”

“PG’s return to Earth, it draws the attention of the inter-stellar friends, and friends from all over the universe. It won’t be long before a rogues’ gallery of intergalactic warriors converge on the strange world of small town suburbia.”

Deadline reports are that RLJE’s Films focus is on the release Mental Health Goreman in theatres in the late-2020the film is expected to be on the Fright streaming service at the beginning of 2021.

You can check out the teaser trailer below, released earlier this year.


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