Reliance Jio to invest in is the TikTok, and the initial discussions with the ByteDance


If ByteDance still struggling to make it in the U.S., a new report claimed on Thursday that the China-based company that is the owner of the company’s short-video app, TikTok may be the sale of the India business, to Reliance Jio in the midst of the uncertainty surrounding its operations in the country. Also Read – TikTok will have to pay more than $2 billion on the makers in the next 3 years

Citing people familiar with the early calls TechCrunch reported the two companies began discussions late last month, and have yet to reach a deal. Also Read JioPhone 5 and under will work best JioPhone model, the Expected price is under Rs 500

TikTok’s business in India is valued at more than $3 billion”. ByteDance of, or Reliance Jio have yet to comment on the report. You can also read about the Sino – app-spell: TikTok and now want to save Indian users ‘ data locally

In the realm of speculation come at a time when several staff members are working with the TikTok, the parent company of the ByteDance are actively looking for opportunities outside of the company, the platform is looking at an uncertain future as a result of the ban on the app in the country.

ByteDance has nearly 2,000 employees in India, and now the pause button is pressed on the recruitment of new staff. Soon after India announced the ban on the TikTok, along with 58 other applications of national security, TikTok, CEO Kevin Mayer, who is also the COO of the ByteDance said that the employees of the company’s “main strength,” and the well-being of the “highest priority”.

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However, these assurances were not enough to calm the minds of a lot of company, and anxious employees. Their concerns have mounted after a. the platform is faced with the threat of a similar ban of Donald Trump and administration) in the USA, even as Microsoft announced that it plans to buy the TikTok service in the form of.the s., Canada, Australia and New Zealand in mid-September, a deadline set by the President of the united states.

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