Redmi K40 (or Mi CC10) can be spotted on the 3 33-W battery charger


In view of the fact that the Xiaomi will launch a new Redmi K-generation for the period of six months or so, and the Redmi K30 Pro came out in March, and we are not far away from the Redmi K40, alex. First things first, all the previous.

The 3C certification is a Xiaomi phone with the model name M2006J10C. It will come with the MDY-11-EX-mp, the 33W power brick, which is bundled with the Redmi K30 Pro’s, along with a number of other devices.

So, this could be the Redmi K40 (Pro). The other possibility is that this is the mysterious “CAS,” the phone, which could be the Xiaomi Mi CC10. It came earlier this month with claims that the use of a 108 MP, Samsung-HM2-sensor in the camera. Also, it’s supposed to be fitted with a periscope lens with a 12x optical zoom and 120x digital.

E CC10 was bound to be the Snapdragon 775G (SM7350), upgrade to the mid-range chipset from Qualcomm, which is reportedly to be announced tomorrow. It is intended to provide a huge boost in terms of CPU (up to 40%, thanks to the Cortex-A77 cores) and GPU (50%), in comparison with the S765G.

I have an event scheduled for June 17, and will be talking about the 5G chipsets. If it does not disclose the 775G, we are going to start using it to keep an eye out for the results of the Redmi K40, Xiaomi Mi CC10 or whatever this phone ends up being called.



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