“Red Magic” and 5S will be able to wirelessly cast games on a Tv, while working as a controller


Android and gaming consoles will never get off the ground, so for now, the Android gaming continues to be a phone-only affair. The nubia Red Magic 5S, which will be announced tomorrow, could be a gaming phone, it’s a heart, but it has its console ambitions, as well.

With the help of a low-latency wireless connectivity, it will be in a position to see the game on TV, while rendering a controller in its own window. The nubia team have taken up to six different controllers to match up with a variety of styles, and there will be extensive customization options so that you can create your own controller layout.

The “teaser” post about this feature states that it will support 4K and 144 Hz. It is not clear whether this means at the same time, the latest in HDMI in 2.1 you can look at them, but you would like a new TV.

It is clear, there will be some kind of a receiver is involved, that is, the hook on the SCREEN and you will be connected to the phone via a wireless (WiGig, perhaps, Chromecast, and similar would be too slow). We will have full details tomorrow.

The phone is the screen, it has a 240Hz and the touch sampling rate, so that it can respond to user input quickly. The shoulder buttons are even more quickly by using a custom hardware, which is enabled to 320Hz and the touch sample rate.

It’s clear that the Adreno 650 does not have sufficient processing power to handle 4K gaming on 144Hz, even a bit of RTX 2080 would have to sweat it on the shelf. Scaling up is not an option, but AMD has proven that even the most a simple solution can be quite effective (even without the fancy “AI” and “DLSS”).

What We do know is that the “Red Magic” 5S’s display, it will run at 144Hz, but it will probably be in 1080p+ panel, similar to or the same as the one in the Red-Magic 5G. To get to 144 fps, and the phone will be a twist on the Snapdragon 865+ chipset and GPU overclocking.

The Adreno 650 in plus the chip is now running at a 10% higher clock speed than the same GPU on the non-plus-S865. The nubia team have managed to get even higher. We’ll know for sure tomorrow, but it’s the “Red Magic” 5S is one of the few phones with an active cooling system.

It has a built-in 15,000 RPM fan, but nubia has also designed an external cooler, and the Wind is Cooling in the Magic Box. The additional cooling may be enough to get the Snapdragon chip in the top with the clock speed set up by the I, at least, and to prevent the thermal throttling.

Red Magic-5S-benchmark scores are: AnTuTu
Red Magic-5S-benchmark scores are: Master Controller

Red Magic-5S-benchmark scores are: AnTuTu Master Lu

The President of Ni Fei, all pride, all over the phone, 650,000+ AnTuTu score, and 610,000+ AI-benchmark of the Master Controller. Those scores would be in the 5S at the top of the charts.

Red Magic is the brand of the gaming router

A Red Magic of the brand to the gaming router

By the way, and aswan, will also reveal you to a Wi-Fi-6-gaming the router tomorrow morning with a game gear mode, the Red Magic phone. It’s not at all clear how this is a router links in wireless gaming activities, fashion, for, the 5S, however. The router will have the support of mesh networking for a better coverage, and it is equipped with a high-performance CPU.

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