Realme X3 Pro supposedly will be certified with a 65 charge


Realme, X3 Pro, it will reportedly be added to the X3 series is very, very fast. And, for the first time, we have come across detailed information about the rumored product, on the internet. According to the reportsone Realme phone with the model number RMX2170 had been certified to the TÜV Rheinland database. Also Read Realme Of 6 Pro-new-Lightning-Red-color-variant launched in India: Price, features,

The phone details are pointed out to have two of the 2200 mAh battery, battery cell, which is 4,400 in total. This supports a 65 W charge to the provision of version 6.5, An output of 10V. The model number suggests, Realme will be the launch of the Pro-X3 in the next couple of weeks. But we’d prefer to wait and get more specific details about the product before making such assumptions. Also Read Realme of C15, with a 6000 mAh battery for India, tips support page

The Pro X3, which is likely to sit above the X3 and a X3 Zoom is launched in the market. In contrast to the first two, and we hope that Realme picks up the X3 Pro and the Snapdragon 865 chipset. This will make sure that your phone is ready for the future with support for 5G networks. Also Read Realme X3 Camera Review: A worthy flagship contender for the OnePlus 7T

Realme, X3 gets a new update

Earlier this week, the Realme, began with the birth of a new security update for the X3 is available in India. The firmware will bring to the July of 2020, security, patch, and a variety of improvements to the smartphone and Security, a Status Bar, Settings, Bluetooth, and much, much more. The last update of the Realme, X3 bumps up the software build version to RMX2081_11_A.39.

The firmware update is about 4.59 GB in size, and it will improve the security of the smartphone by July of 2020, security, patch, RealmeCentral reports. The new software also running on the Realme of ONION skin, all of which is based on the Android 10 operating system. According to the changelog, the update has added a function to scroll smoothly to the Realme Application. It has the voice, the jam issue, when it is not connected to a Bluetooth headset, with the help of the LDAC codec.

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The update also optimizes the flight mode and Bluetooth status. In addition, it is optimized for power consumption. Of the Realme, X3 new, over-the-AIR update will be rolled out in an incremental manner. So, it may take some time to achieve all of the units, step by step. In addition, the update availability may also be checked by going into the phone section of Settings.


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