Realme X has been updated to the April patch, with DocVault-ID, and enhanced audio quality


In late January, and the Realme PLUS has received a major Android 10, update it with new images, Realme, UI 1.0, which, along with all of the changes to Android-10, such as gesture controls, Focus mode and the new animations.

With the latest update, the version number RMX1921EX_11_C.04 the Realme PLUS it is an incremental update, so it’s a Google security patch in April, along with a couple of improvements and fixes. The Audio quality is optimized for third-party apps, and it is a problem with the alarm clock to automatically resign yourself.

Finally, the update brings support for the DocVault-ID function, which can be formally replaced by a number of government-issued identification documents in a digital format, such as a driver’s License, ID card, and PAN card.

The update has started to roll-out to the Realme XT owners, however, it is planned to be divided into three phases.

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