Realme, Smart TV, full HD 43 inch Review: left behind expectations


Realme has come a long way in the last few years on the road with the smartphones in India. The company has gradually expanded to other sectors, such as power, banking, fitness trackers, wireless headphones, and more during the last year. For the year 2020, their goal is to be in the position of Realme, as an IoT or a brand in India, and it is the reason why we saw this Realme be the first smartwatch, its foray into the smart tv market. Also Read Realme Peaks, the Sky, the Neo Review: Decent wireless audio experience in an affordable

Last month, Realme launched two Smart Tv’s in India in order to compete with the likes of the Xiaomi Mi TV series, free university, Smart Tvs, and other players such as TCL, Toshiba, iFFalcon, MarQ, Kodak, and many, many more. The company seems to be going right for the emerging TV market in India, as this segment has seen a sharp rise over the past year. The all-new Realme, the Smart Tvs come in a variety of products that make the most of the non-traditional TV brands. Priced at Rs 12,999, the 32-inch HD-ready Realme, the Smart TV has been designed for entry-level consumers. In my review, I have the The 43-inch – full high-definition (HD Realme TV. This comes at a price of Rs 21,999. However, it is worth the money, find out in my full review below. Also Read Realme Watch Review all have the form

The design and the quality of the Picture

The design of the Realme, the Smart TV is very good for the price. The front end looks nice and clean three-hand-slim bezels, however, is that the bottom of the chin is a little swollen. Why am I telling you this, it is a good design, because there are very few tv’s in this price range that have the same design with thin bezels is flushed into the glass. That being said, I feel that the company should be able to do a better job with the overall build quality, especially with the low quality of the plastic stand. Also, it would have been better if there was a wall on the inside of the box. Also Read Realme Narzo 10 Review: Expanding the options in the budget segment

Coming to the display, the 43-inch-SCREEN-panel of the Realme, Smart TV features full HD (1920×1080 pixels) resolution. It can go to 400 nits) is brighter, which is more than enough. It also has a refresh rate of 60 hz, which can be found in most of the other Tvs in the same price range.

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In my daily use, I have found that the quality of the picture, the DTH to be a bit of a bad thing. The problem with most of my review was that the colour accuracy of this Realme TV panel. Well, it was a pain to get the image colors are adjusted, so that it does not hurt the eyes. By default, all the Android Tv devices do not offer a custom color, but you can tone it down a little bit by reducing the saturation. After a bit of a struggle, and I could see the picture, but not in the way that it feels like a Samsung, Sony or LG. It is one of the more important things, I expect the Realme to be careful about that. I recently reviewed the OnePlus screen TV, and they have managed to make a few additional tweaks, such as a standard Tv, and it made the viewing experience better. But, in General, to the Realme screen TV with a range of basic panel, it wasn’t very impressive.

Connectivity and Sound

The connectivity ports are, three HDMI ports and two USB-A ports in total, out of which only one HDMI port and one USB port is accessible on the left-hand side of the SCREEN, while the remaining two HDMI ports and a USB port on the rear panel of the TV (facing downward). During my review, I didn’t want to mount the TV on the wall, so it’s hard to say that it will be accessible or not. The left-hand side, it has a Tuner/ Antenna input port, (the old cable jack), Audio out (3.5 mm jack), one a / v port. The rear down-facing port is in the list, also includes RJ45 LAN, option for a wired internet connection.

The Realme to 43-inch TV packs a 24W to a down-firing, two-box set of speakers with a single driver and a tweeter. In essence, it is the same one that you see in most of the Samsung and LG Tv’s. It is a common practice for TELEVISION producers, (although with 20W output). It comes to the quality of the sound is just fine on this TV and it is not very large. The cold output is distorted at high volume levels, and the lack of clarity. Also, you will not get the sense that the basis of a lot of.

The company has a ” Dolby Audio Processing, but I feel that it’s not a lot of help. In short, they are good for a cheap tv, and not many people have a problem with it, unless you have a good quality sound for music or movies.

Remote control and your Android TV experience

Of the Realme, the Smart TV comes with a small remote control with only 14 keys. You will find the on / off button, a mute button, press the circular d-pad for direction control, return key, home key, menu key, power key and the volume up and down. Other than this, there are also dedicated buttons for Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and Google to Assist. During my review time, and in the distance, but with a little bit of extra time to get to the link to the first one, but it’s working fine. I feel that the volume buttons are a little away from the Google-as an Assistant key, as it is being pressed by accident, usually causing an assistant to me.

Realme TV Realme Smart-TV-43-inch -

The Android TV experience, this is an identical software to the majority of other Android Tv available in the market. After the update, it is now in the Realme of TV will remember the last selected source, which means that if you were watching DTH on HDMI 1, the TV will restart from the same source. In the event of a sudden electricity cut, turn the TV off, and stays off until you use the remote control unit or on the TV button to start using it again.

The app switching and Android TV’s layout, both of which provide an enjoyable, smooth experience, thanks to the MediaTek chipset. Of the Realme, the Smart TV packs a MediaTek MSD6683 processor with 1 gb of RAM and 8 gb of internal storage for apps and app data. It never had the feeling that there is an additional requirement of the memory (RAM), and storage, because of the MediaTek chipset, it is very, very strong. Where is the TV experience of the local action groups (lags in the start of a period of time, or in the initial start-up of the time, just like all the other Android Tv. This is mainly because of the OS, and it has nothing to do with the chipset. Hopefully, Google’s next iteration of the Android TV OS will be improved. That being said, Realme, has done a great job with the smart experience of the TV and the remote control.

Verdict: should you buy it?

Realme, the 43-inch-Smart-Android-tv will be delivered in a segment that’s already crowded with the likes of Xiaomi, to, Vu, Toshiba, MarQ, Thomson, Kodak, as WELL. And then there are the veterans of the segment, such as Samsung, Sony, and LG, who don’t have the latest Smart TV for the price, but it may be that you have an option of a TELEVISION set, which is a two-or three-year-old’s generation portfolio.

Realme TV Realme Smart-TV-43-inch -

In my opinion, Realme be able to do a better job with this 43-inch TV. It lacks the basics of a tv, the quality of the image. I also did not have the sound quality to be more than, the other Tvs in this price segment. In conclusion, that the Realme of TV-43-inch full-HD model, it falls short of my expectations. In the absence of value-for-money in comparison to the other online-only brands in this segment of the market, we can offer you a better 4K UHD option.


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