Realme, plans a 55-inch Realme of TV, as in the following model


Realme will soon be launching a 55-inch premium smart TV in India. The company has launched its first smart Tv, 32-inch and 43-inch screen sizes in the last week. The Realme TV went on sale for the first day yesterday, and now it is already in the process of planning for the third model. Madhav Sheth, the chief executive of the Realme, Mobile phones, and has hinted at the launch of a third TV in the current line-up. Sheth also revealed that a Realme the first TVS were sold out in 10 minutes at the initial point of sale. Also Read Realme Watch Review all have the form

“Our survey is to provide a smarter Television is just getting started, and we won’t have to draw it in two dimensions. The 55-inch TELEVISION is considered to be in the uk, flagship-size for Tvs, and that Realme, it is the preparation for the launch of a new 55-inch TV screen to give the user more ground breaking experiences, ” Sheth told IANS in an interview. However, he did not have more details on the tv. Realme is at this moment in time offers a 32-inch TV for Rs 12,999, while the 43-inch model has been priced at Rs 21,999. Also Read Realme, a patent reveals the design of a new, truly wireless earbuds

In a tweet, Madhav Sheth confirmed the Realme, sold more than 15,000 units of the Realme SCREEN at the initial point of sale. He added that the Realme of TV went out of stock in less than 10 minutes. “By far, the Fastest Selling TV brand in the BUSINESS day,” he said in a tweet. While Xiaomi was quick to go against Sheth, the action, the climax, and the demand for smart Tvs in the country. Realme of the TV will go on sale via Flipkart and the company’s own web site, on the 9th of June. Also Read Realme TV to go on sale today at 12 noon, to the check prices, specs and deals

In the expansion of its TV portfolio, and Realme is confirmed that it will soon begin the production of Television programs. Sheth revealed that the company will be set up by a SMT (Surface mount Technology) production line in the country. Since its entry into the country, the company aims to be a innovative lifestyle brand. With the demand for Tvs, as well as the positive response to smartphones, and this Realme, there seems to be growing. It can also provide accessories such as wearables and the actual wireless earbuds, recently, in order to be competitive in the market.


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