Realme of Peaks, the Q is really wireless earbuds, attached to the launch on the 25th of May


Realme has been confirmed that the Peaks of Q TWS, will also be launched in China on the 25th of May. The Chinese company is hosting a mega-event in China on the 25th of May, where the company is expected to unveil the 7 different products. The last Realme of Peaks Q, TWS will be another addition to the list. Also Read Realme Narzo 10 Review: बजट सेगमेंट में दमदार ऑप्शन

Realme will see that the company has teamed up with the French designer Jose Levy, for the Realme of Peaks Q in TWS. The company has posted this information on Weibo (by GizChina) micro-channel in China. The post also includes a picture of the plugs is Black. Also Read Realme TV, the smart remote the first look troubled, dedicated buttons for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

These ear plugs are similar to those of the Samsung Galaxy and the Buttons can be seen in a pebble-like case. Even the post office states that, in the Realme of Peaks, the Q TWS earphones were “inspired by the clean, round pebbles.” At this point, it is a lot of information has been made available by the company. Also Read Realme, TV, Blind To sale in Rs 2,000 in amount, is now Live ahead of the launch

Realme is also expected to launch a pair of truly wireless headphones, the Realme Tops, Air, Neo, in the same event on the 25th of May. The same are also expected to launch in India on the same day. These have already been listed on Flipkart.

Realme-Tops, Air, Neo leaked specifications

According to previous leaks and rumors, the Realme Peaks, the Sky, the Neo has the same design as its predecessor, the Tops of Air. It will also come with a charging case that has a LED indicator light to indicate the status of the battery, and a button for setting the alarm.

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The new TWS headset is powered on it uses Bluetooth, 5.0. In addition, new Buttons have been added to Air, the Neo will receive a special ” R1-a-chip. This will improve the quality of the sound, and a sufficient service life of the battery is in use. According to the leak, the device will also get a 13 mm emitters. Realme will also have a special offer for the online mode that is the reduction of the signal by the latency delay was due to a 51 per cent.


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