Realme of 25 and 26 May events – what to expect


25th of may, and is likely to be the most special and important day in the history of the fast-growing Realme brand. The company’s aim is to hold on to not one, but two events on the same day at two different locations, China and India. The next day, the 26th of May, another event will follow, this time in Europe.

So why is the 25th of May is so important for the Realme? Well, it’s up to the OEM to unveil eight new devices at the same time.

Smart phones

The majority of the units, if not all, have already been confirmed. We expect that in the Realme X50 Pro for Player, edition, Realme, X3, X3 Camera will be the star of the show. The first of which is, in essence, is a gaming-centric version of the latest flagship model, the X50 Pro 5G.

The price is reported to be lower as a result of the cutting of some of the unnecessary features from a gamer’s perspective. While it is still running on the Snapdragon 865 platform, and it has a high refresh rate of the screen (6.44″ 90Hz for Super AMOLED screen), the phone will have a less impressive 48MP main camera, an 8-megapixel ultrawide unit, a 2 MEGAPIXEL macro camera, and a 2-mp front camera with the depth sensor. The capacity of the battery is expected to be 4,200 mAh battery and 65 SuperDart-in Flash is Charging, the phone will be fast, even if you love to play games, while the breakfast buffet.

The special thing about this phone is, by teasers, it would be in the cooling system. The integration of the graphite sheets and the vapor chamber, the system should be able to get the maximum performance for a longer time, which we all know is very important for mobile gaming.

Realme of 25 and 26 May events - what to expect

The move to the Realme of X3 Lens – it is said to be ll need to keep that Snapdragon 855+ chipset, the X2-Pro is when you upgrade to the tele-camera, with a 5x optical zoom with a periscope lens.

Teasers have confirmed that a fingerprint scanner will be one of the side-mounted, so the panel is of the LCD variety. However, it will support 120Hz refresh rate for smooth gaming. The rumors suggest that the battery could be a slight stumbling block to 4200 mAh, but the charging speed will be cap-30W instead of the 50W.

As for the Realme, X3 5G, it should deliver 5 g of the budget, with a Snapdragon 765G state.

A Smart watch, a headset and a power bank

Realme is supposed to be the release of the first smartwatch called the Realme of Looking. It’s going to be a custom platform with the largest screen in India in the price segment – 1.4″. The watch will also include the pulse rate and the SpO2 monitor. A deeper integration with your Realme smartphone such as the camera, is expecting.

Realme of 25 and 26 May events - what to expect

Following the success of the Realme Tops-Air earphones, and the company is about to reveal two of the TWS products – the Realme-Tops, Air, Neo, and the Peaks q of the former will be a cheaper version of the original, the Buttons, the Air of some of the missing features, including wireless charging of the case with the so-called ” Environmental Noise Cancellation.

Realme of 25 and 26 May events - what to expect

The tips of Q, on the other hand, seem to be the most premium option in the Realme earphones off. It has not yet be announced, but they will make you think of the Samsung Galaxy Buttons, and is designed by the French artist José Levy.

Realme of 25 and 26 May events - what to expect

The last but not the least, the Tops are Wireless, get the Pro version. No one knows what they are Pro’s, but we all know how it looks, and that they have a USB-C port.

Realme of 25 and 26 May events - what to expect

Unfortunately, the information about the power bank is extremely limited, but we hope that with the support of a number of of the SuperDart/VOOC/Warp-speed.

Realme TV

This is the first for the company, and, as expected, the brand aims to disrupt the TV market with its low prices, just like it did with its mobile phones. The SCREEN will reportedly come in two flavors – 32 of 43 run on Android TV.

Realme of 25 and 26 May events - what to expect

Features, such as the QLED panels, Chroma Boost, the engine, bezel-less design, 400 nits brightness, 20% higher than the average TV in the price range), 24W with quad speakers, and a quad-core MediaTek chipset that is on the list.

As far as the Indian event, which is involved, in the Realme it has been confirmed that it is only on the TV and Watch so that we don’t know of any other devices other than the ones listed above to make an appearance. Some of the accessories that are most likely to be launched in India, the media is invited to attend.

Realme of 25 and 26 May events - what to expect

It’s a European event, it will probably be the least of the equipment of the three, given that the company has been plagued only X3 Zoom, and vaguely confirmed for the X3, 5G will be at the event. And that’s the point, we want to know everything about these two machines.

Realme of 25 and 26 May events - what to expect

In any case, make sure to take a look at all of the events, as with so many new announcements, we can be excused to have missed something from the rumor mill. And, in addition, there are a number of features that will remain a mystery.


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