Realme is launching eight new products on September 25, HASAN teases new smartphone


Realme has just unveiled two new Narzo-series smartphones, dubbed Narzo 10 to Narzo 10. Now, the company plans to follow that up with the launch of eight new products on the 25 of May in China.

The launch will be streamed online starting at 2 p.m. local time (6 PM GMT).

Realme does not explicitly state what it is going to unveil on the 25th of May, but the poster was shared by the Chinese phone maker on Weibo has a smart phone, a power bank and a truly wireless ear buds.

The white-colored Chinese of the text in the image translates to “a Broken Dimension is a Dare-To-Play”, which could be a hint that the smartphone will be a gaming-oriented.

In a separate post, Realme launched its first one-two-three-dimensional female product manager who is a combination of beauty and wisdom” (translated in the machine, from the Chinese). You’ll see her wearing headphones and wireless headphones that Realme Tops, Wireless-Pro, with a USB-C port. It is also the holding company of a new Realme smart phone in their hands.

Realme is launching eight new products on September 25, HASAN teases new smartphone

This smartphone looks pretty much the same as the one being bullied by the Realme, VP and CMO Xu Qi Chase. Chase confirms that it will be out on the 25th of May, and said it was the code-name of the hard drive. As a reliable Chinese tipster claims the smartphone will be known as Realme X50 Pro, Player Version (translated from Chinese), which means that it has to be the first gamer-centric smartphone.

Realme is launching eight new products on September 25, HASAN teases new smartphone

We have also heard about the case of the Realme, X3, X3 Zoom, and Realme TV for the last time, and we will be able to see that this is going to be officially on the 25th of May. In a recent report claimed the Realme, it is going to launch its first smartwatch, smart TV’s in India at the end of the month.

We don’t have an official timetable for the launch of the Realme to the smartwatch, but the company has confirmed the launch of its smart TVS in Q2), by the year 2020. However, it is due to arrive in India in the first one, so as the Realme is, for the launch of the “smart TV” on the 25th of May in China, and we’ll see it debut in India.

Realme, the Indian CEO, Madhav Sheth also plagued the X3’s Camera last week, with a 60x zoom, which means that the disclosure is not to far away.

Now, We’re still more than a week from the May 25 event, and we are likely to learn more about the products that will be launched in the next couple of days.

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