Realme is 5, 5i and 5s-update to Android-10 in India


A new update for the Realme UI is now rolling out to the Realme of 5, 5i and 5s in India. The update brings the Android OS to 10, and it brings a lot of features that are related to the OS update, as the Focus mode. There have been several updates for the Realme of ONION in relation to games, animations, and graphics, the new icons, and an enhanced camera app.

Source: The Realme Of Community

Source: The Realme Of Community

According to the information on the Realme, forum post, There is a new one, the smart sidebar that allows you quick access to apps, and then start the multi-window sessions, and new improvements to the photo experience-improved 3-finger gesture and the floating example) and tweaks to the Game’s Space for apps. There are other System elements, such as an improved one-hand operation of the Quick Settings, a new built-in ring tones, and you have an option to pause a screen recording of the new floating system.

The update will be rolled out in phases, it will most likely take place in the next week or so. Check out the source link to see the full list of features, which are described in the Realme of the forum to post.

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