Realme is 3, Realme 3i update brings a lot of features, fixes and improvements


Of the Realme, the 3 and the Realme 3i smart phones have begun receiving the new software update brings a bunch of improvements, new features and bug fixes. This bumps up the software version of RMX1821EX_11.C.09. The last update of this Realme phone is 213MB in size. The recently released Realme the UI to update based on the Android, the 10. Read on for everything you need to know about it.

Realme is 3, Realme 3i of the details of the update

According to the information updated on both the phone and the UI, to the Realme of ONION. It takes two features to the Smart side bar. This will include getting the Ball to Cover and Hide the Assistance of the Ball on the full-screen app. The Smart Sidebar to get the floating window feature for apps. To even get the bubble animation when you open an application in a separate window on the Smart Bar.

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The last update of the Realme, the 3 and the Realme 3i to optimize the user interface and the improved one-hand operation. Realme is optimized for the Smart side bar, replacing the File in the Console using the File Manager, and removed the OSIE, Visual Effect, and Not to Mention the Warnings. The update optimizes the performance and gestures are now supported in portrait and landscape mode. The update will add to the artistic background, and an Easy Mode for the home screen.

It also adds an option for opening the Search function, or the notification panel by dragging on the screen. It also adds an option to adjust the size, shape, and style of the app icons on the home screen. The brand has also added support for animated wallpapers on lockscreen. It also optimizes the 3-Finger is a Screenshot of the Action.

The Realme 3i and the Realme, the 3 users will also be able to adjust the position of the image preview window, and adjust the image, sound. Realme has also added a Focus mode, an all-new charging animation, and a pause in front of the screen to record. It also optimises the setup of the user interface for better one-handed operation. It does have a break in front of the screen to record.

The update also adds a floating window, and the settings for the screen capture. Of the Realme, the 3 and the Realme 3i-users will also notice new sounds have been added for the removal of the files, the calculator button is touched, the compass and the pointer. The company has also optimized the system has a built-in ring tones. It has added to It a driving directions for ease of access. A new feature for the latest jobs have also been added. The new update is for the Realme of the phones also helps to optimize the visual interaction with the Game Space, and the optimization of loading animation to be the same.

Realme is also optimized for use with the Contacts of the Album, the tasks and the camera UI. In Quick Settings, or on the Smart Sidebar, users will now be able to open the Calculator in a floating window. It doesn’t add the trim function in the Recordings, the Weather, (dynamic) ring tone, and the re-adaptive activities in adverse Weather conditions. It even adds the Album’s Recommendations, which reportedly can recognize more than 80 different scenes. There are a couple of other things mentioned in the changelog, which is Realme is 3, and Realme 3i user you can check it from the official website.

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