RAY Cetra gaming headset announced; check out the details


The Asus ROG launched the RAY Cetra use in India. The RAY Cetra pair of headphones will be gaming-centric headphones with in-ear design. The earphones come with a bunch of gaming-oriented features. These include 10 driver support for the mobile phones, personal computers (Pc’s and Macs. Check out all of the features of the headset here. Also Read – Asus ROG-3 was launched with a Snapdragon 865 Plus SoC

The Asus ROG Cetra, Cetra’s Core functions are

The Cetra ear plugs with an active noise cancellation (ANC), along with a USB Type-C connector. There are also three sets of ear gels, and the fins, which will help users to get a tight fit on the ears, in the intense gaming sessions. The design of the earphones themselves, it is provided with an inclined front face, and a dent in the back that will help you to stay in your ear. Also Read – OnePlus-Tops was launched in India at Rs 4,990; check out the details

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The 10 mm drivers are requested to do so by the company, and to produce a punchy bass and is optimized gaming audio. There is also a True option for gamers. While the Ambient mode is turned on, the headphones will automatically turn off the noise reduction function, and allows users to listen to the sounds around them. This can be especially useful when travelling on public transport, or walk, and training sessions. Also Read – Asus ROG 3 press render leaks, shows a familiar design

The plugs are provided with buttons that allow you to control the volume, play/pause, and the activation of the BALANCING mode-and the mode. In addition to this, the RAY Cetra earphones also come with a travel pouch so you can store your earphones and accessories safe and in one place.

For aesthetic style, the RAY Cetra-the earphones are also equipped with a color-RAY logo that lights up when the headphones are plugged in, so it will be a better, gamer-centric look and feel. She weighs a mere 26 grams, is also.


Asus has priced the RAY Cetra gaming at Rs 7,699 in India. Asus has launched the ROG Cetra Core at Rs 3,999. In place of the USB Type-C connection, the connection to the Cetra Heart, it will come with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Asus also announced the ROG Phone III of the gaming world, today. The Asus ROG Phone, the III is the successor to the second generation of its gaming smartphone, which launched last year. The company also claims that this is “the ultimate gaming smartphone, the” phone-people.


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