Rasheeda Frost And Kirk Frost, To Announce The Re-Opening Of Their Prince To The Bistro, But People Will Criticize It


Rasheeda Frost and Kirk Frost, it appears that today is the big day, and the re-opening of the Frost Food. Check out the exciting announcement and a video And shared it on your social media account listed below.

“We are open @frostbistro this Friday!’ Kirk announced to his fans around the world.

Someone called out, ” I love y’all, but it’s too early to be able to re-open.. stay at home men!”

One commentator said, ” it’s Not Rain on anyone’s Parade, But the corona virus is still here and worse Than Ever in the year 2000, More people to be infected with the virus, and More are dying from it, And That was Just Sunday, for the Info, I do know that a person is a member of the family who went to Florida, and 4 of them came back with a virus, all I’m saying is Plz be safe out There, This Virus does not make it better.”

Someone else posted this message: “don’t forget, we know what she meant,🤣a social media protocol in place.’

One fan posted: ‘Re….. when the curve is rising! 💀💀💀Shook my head, ” and another stated: ‘Omg, I wish I was back there, I wanted to show y’all that bad, but I was taking pictures from outside the gate, while we were closed.”

A man said: ‘A Music,’ come and see me for the man I’m to the right of the road for the Prince walk away.’

A fan asked the following question: “Hey, I was just wondering.. Are there any slots for it, sorry I’m a woman who has been waiting for for 20+ years right here in Atlanta, and it is truly an amazing woman, who loves people and is looking for a job due to corona, and I hate to see unemployed so I saw this and had to ask for.”

In other news, Rasheeda posted a video in which she looks amazing. She wears her curly hair and the cleavage, and had a lot of fans are sending her kind words.


But as his fans, the criticism and the comments I gave her.

Looking Back:


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