Rainbow Six Siege: What the Shadow’s Legacy is revealed


The next season, Rainbow Six: Siege: How the Shadow of the Legacy was just unveiled by Ubisoft. It’s a new season, with the introduction of the fan-favorite character is Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell games as well as Scratch. In addition to this, there is a redesign of a popular Chalet-map. There has been a redesign of the Scopes and sights. There is also a Table in 2.0, a new secondary hard-violation of the gadget. This is a new season, it will certainly change the way we play the Rainbow Six: Siege. Let’s take a look at all of the major changes in the Operation of the Shadow Legacy. Also, Reading – Rainbow-Six-Siege Operation-Steel-Wave is a live, on-the-main-server

Rainbow Six Siege: How The Shadow Of The Legacy: The Details

The New Operator Is Zero

The zero is the latest attacker to join the Rainbow team. He is a medium-speed, medium-armor, the Attacker, who sports his signature on the SC-3000K assault rifle, or with a MP7 as a primary weapon, and it packs a 5.7 USG pistol with an integrated suppressor. Are the events, the Argus, today, not only are three green lasers in a triangle pattern, in accordance with Fisher’s iconic headgear), it is also a multi-faceted new intelligence-gathering tool of the enemy team. Also Read Rainbow Six: Siege is a free weekend on the 11th of June

Sharp projectiles will be fired in a delicate and the reinforced surfaces is to dig in and create a camera vision on both sides of the barrier. It turns out the floors, the walls, doors and ceilings of the potential gems of the points to be Zero and its allies. This is a two-way camera to be able to look in only one direction at a time. Even if they are not able to dig all the way down to Zero, the camera, the projectiles will stick to most surfaces, so the players have to shoot the cameras in hidden places ahead of their opponents. Each of the Sharp projectile, and can even fire a single laser in order to destroy the enemy’s gadgets, or deal a little damage to the enemies themselves.

The Sharp projectiles, creating a sound like this in place, it can be easily destroyed with one shot. He surfaces, it will destroy the bullets on contact. Also, Mute the jammers will continue to operate, while Wamai, and Hunter’s gadgets to snap and go.

Chalet Rework

A fresh update to the Chalet and to map some of the navigation options have to be the most popular map. With a redesign of all the levels in the map, it has a fresh look and more dynamic to the offense and the defense.

Ping 2.0

The normal yellow ping will be numbered, each player is given a number at the beginning of the game. Pings are now contextual, so if the players and the ping sidebar, and the defuser, and other items of interest, and the table icon will be adapted to the item to which it is pinged. Players can also ping any of the cameras, and drones.

Weapon appearance

The new scopes and new powers have been added to the game, and as the traditional ACOG, it is now well-known as a 2.5 x scope. There is also a new red-dot sight, and a new holographic sight, although the designs are still in the game. Some of the Operators now have a variety of lenses for a variety of guns, and players can customize the color and opacity of their reticles.

The reinforcement pool

Instead of a Defender, with two reinforcements on the walls and the doors, and the defensive team will now be able to draw from a pool of ten fortifications. So, for example, a fast-paced player is able to walk to the upper floor, and a gain of more than two sections, and the posts don’t have to worry about the roamers of the site is to be left without reinforcement.


A new minor gadget to be introduced to the Operation of a Shadow on the Legacy of Attackers, enabling them to breach a major gap in the fortification walls, which is large enough to be in the safe deposit box by the or to destroy fortified castle. While it is vulnerable to being destroyed in the usual way, this means that the Attackers will be more harsh of the options in Thermite, Hibana, Maverick, Ace, and ‘ s gadgets.

EMP grenade rework

Thatcher has long been a source of anxiety for the Defenders with his devastating EMP grenade, a EMP blast, it will only disable the enemy’s men, not to destroy it. The gadgets will be back online after the unit is turned off last, so that Attackers will have to push in order to take advantage of this opportunity, while the Defenders are like the Bandit tricking you will have to adjust their game plan.

For My Toppings, Statistics

A new feature on the official Rainbow Six website, with My Siege Statistics will give you a detailed breakdown of your performance in the game, so you can identify your strengths and spot areas for improvement.

Match, Replay,

It is currently available on the PC test server in the alpha stage of the game, replay will allow players to load up on one of their last 12 matches and watch the replay of the viewer is the camera view from the perspective of one of the players in the game.

A Map Of The Spell

A new phase in Ranked and Unranked matches, it gives teams the chance to get a ban on a card, and they give you a little more control over the games they get.

With the release of more detailed information can be found here.


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