Punjabi teen is spending Rs 16 lakh in the game


In a separate incident, a teenager in Punjab is reported to have spent Rs 16 lakh on PUBG Mobile phone. Reports are claiming that the 17-year-old from the town of Kharar money from his father’s and mother’s account. He has spent the money to purchase in-game cosmetic items which don’t give an edge to the player, but can also be used to show off different styles. The Micro-transactions are a part of the PUBG, Mobile which real money has to be transferred to NEW or Unfamiliar Currency. Also Read PUBG Mobile partners with Yamaha to make a bike skin in the game

The boy, apparently at the height of his parents, that he was in detail with the aid of a smartphone for the study. But he also used this time to play the game, and made several transactions which resulted in the final charge. The boy’s father is a government employee and said, “I had saved up the money for my medical needs and my son’s future. At the moment, and I had to stay in the place of my posting this, but my son was with my wife here. He used her mobile phone to take advantage of all the transactions and get rid of the message, amount debited from the account.” Also Read PUBG Mobile, Secret Event to leak out ahead of launch

The father said, “I just can’t let it sit idle at home, and you can’t give him a mobile phone, but also to share their experience. He’s been on a scooter in the repair shop, so that he will realize how hard it is to make money.” As for the money, PUBG Mobile, it is not likely to return, because they have been used in legitimate transactions.

Pakistan was recently temporarily banned PUBG, Mobile, along with the other versions of the game. The pakistan Telecommunications Authority, explained in a statement, saying PUBG, it is addictive and that as a waste of time for the children. The government had apparently received several complaints from different sections of the society. And all of them believe that the game would have a material adverse effect on the health of the player. PUBG Mobile has caught up in a number of suicides that have taken place in the recent past in the country.


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