PUBG Mobile to get an upgrade to the anti-fraud technologies, more details


PUBG Corp, the company behind the popular Battle Royale is a game for smart phones, PUBG Mobile has just released a new press release. As part of the announcement, the company revealed a few more details about the new upgrades to the combat of fraud. The company shared some details about the new measures, including upgrades to the existing anti-cheating features. A combination of the two anti-cheat measures, it will probably help the game maker “crack down” on cheaters. The new measures are of particular importance in view of the increasing problem of cheaters in the game. Battle Royale, the players invested in the game, have long demanded to be improved, constraints, and actions to make the gameplay balanced. Let’s check out the information on measures taken to combat fraud in the PUBG Mobile. Also Read – Indian-Army-wants the staff to remove 89 apps, including PUBG, Instagram, Zoom,

PUBG, Mobile, and improves the anti-fraud measures to combat fraud

In the announcement, the company has announced that the new anti-cheat measure is a result of the abandonment of the “Spectator Mode”. The upgrade will add a “peer review “mechanism,” that is, the developer is to crowdsource the job of catching cheaters. The game’s server “to determine, in real time, as seen in the appearance of the game host”. The server may use this information to decide whether or not it intends to transmit the data relating to the location of the observer. Dig a little deeper, the company has announced that the new and improved Look as the System is focused on two main areas. The first one is the manipulation of the Spectator mode, it should discourage players from cheating. Second of all, these improvements will also allow the Spectator Mode, in order to be better able to identify and eliminate the bad behavior somewhere else in the game.” Also Read PUBG Mobile game Yamaha bike skins revealed

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The announcement notes that the upgrade to “Observe the System” will be delivered with three parts or functions. These services include the hosting of the game server, and the public. Prior to the improvements, but some of the cheats used in the “Spectator Mode” to get the two devices to locate enemy players in the game. With the new improvements, a fix to this loophole in the law to make things fair. Also Read PUBG Mobile-Chicken-Dinner-in 15 minutes the challenge is to live

Because the system runs on the server, cheaters will not be able to use plugins in order to make changes in the dates for the play of the game. PUBG Corp. notes that this will have no impact on the experience of the players and the spectators the matches will be normal. Besides this, the company also has a fixed “constantly cheat” that allows cheaters to kill players with a single shot. It has also issued an official statement regarding the fix. It reads: “By means of the feedback of the players, we have recently found out that there was a new cheat for one-shot kills” and the players then flip their screen for a moment. Its official, the team immediately went into action and kept up to date to players who have made use of this cheat. With more than 10,000 players have been issued with a 10-year-old ban on the Operations team, the adverse consequences to the game environment.”


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