PUBG Mobile, the dev team talks about the new Livik map


PUBG Mobile has announced that the upcoming secret card with the name of Livik card. This is set to be an exclusive map for the PUBG Mobile phone is not launched in any of the other PUBG versions. We’ve already shared the first look of the map, we played it in the beta version of the game. And now that the devs have answered some of the questions on the card. Also Read PUBG Mobile on a new relic hunt, the event will be for the Sanhok Map

The first question to ask is for them to create an exclusive map. The devs responded by saying that PUBG Mobile manufacturer has paid for a player. He happened to be a salesman, and he did not have enough time to play a full match with friends and family, and don’t even Sanhok. Hence, the idea of a map that’s smaller in nature, with the pace of the action, and is a 15-minute series was born. Also Read PUBG Mobile: Everything you need to know about how to use the flare guns,

The next question to be brought up in the country setting, and the strategies that are involved in the new map. She said that the idea came from one of their trips. The card is for new sites, and changes in the field, and we feel the creation of this map is unique. The map is set up to have unique game-play, and the disregard of many of the elements of the kernel of the identity of the PUBG Mobile phone. Also, Read the New PUBG Mobile Livik Card, torment, is now available in Beta

As for the new features, and some of the secrets of the map, and that they are here to stay. The waterfalls around the map, it will allow for a unique interaction with the player, which is not available on any other map. The characteristic feature of the machine is the actual physical impact of the flow of the water. Players will be able to be washed away by the rapid flow of water from the stand to the top of the waterfall.

As for the new guns in the map, the first of these is the P90. This is the original submachine gun on Team Death Match and Arena Mode, which can be obtained from the map at the moment. There is also the MK12 burst is the sniper rifle, which will allow for a high-speed burst shooting, which makes it a deadly sniper fire during the fast-paced battles. There is also a new item called the place of a comprehensive tank. This helps to ensure that the weapons that are usually only excel at short-to-medium-range tasks have to push it a little further.

Then there was the question of why the Karakin was added to it. And the devs make sure that this is being worked on, including Erangel 2.0. The Dev team is apparently putting the finishing touches on the Erangel 2.0 card.


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