PUBG Mobile on a new relic hunt, the event will be for the Sanhok Map


A new event has been added to the PUBG Mobile phone, and this time, it’s called relic hunt events. This new event has been added as a new section of the game, and the players will be able to collect the artifacts by doing the daily missions, and then redeem them for rewards. The benefits include weapon skins, costumes, parachute, skin, and even even more.

PUBG Mobile has recently announced that the secret map, which the developers have been working on is called Livik Card. It was only in closed beta, and now it seems as if the devs have the official. In a new tweet on their official Twitter handle, PUBG Mobile has confirmed that the next hot-Livik Card. However, there are clear pictures of the card in the picture and shares it, the word “Livik’ seems to prove the elements of the map. And for that, we can assume that it is real, it is the exact same card.

PUBG Mobile: Livik Card details

We’ve played around with the hidden map, which we expect to be the Livik card, and even though it was not in the final version of the map. We found that the map is quite small, and it would make for a tight action. From what we’ve played, it is clear that the map is pretty small, and it can be a 2x2km in size. This is probably the smallest map.

If you are exposed to the mechanics of Livik Card right off the bat, you’ll notice that it has elements of the other four cards in each corner. There have been a number of new weapons are on the map, it is the P90 SMG, as well as the SPAS-12 shotgun. The inclusion of these weapons, along with the way plenty of weapons that are available, in order to show that the devs want this to be an action card.

The Livik map is filled with buildings and obstacles, which will also help you in combat by providing cover, while engaging the enemy. There have been a number of new buildings on the map. Plus, there are a few that show some buildings from other maps, can be used here as well.


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