PUBG Mobile fighting corona virus; Playing details


PUBG Corp has just released a major announcement on the launch of a new campaign called “Play”. The company is one of the most popular Battle Royale, smartphone games, PUBG Mobile wants to take it on a corona virus. For some context, “Play”, it is a social responsibility for the campaign, along with an in-game challenge, and the community in fund-raising. The company wants to raise money for Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization, to fight the COVID-19. Direct Relief is working on the COVID-19 the overall response to the project for the support of people in need of help. Let’s check out the details on “Play”, to Direct the Lighting, and how to PUBG Mobile devices, can be the cause. Also find out How you PUBG Mobile Season 14 Generous to Pass

PUBG Mobile’s take on the feline corona virus, with “Play”; for details, see

According to the notice, the individual PUBG Mobile players will be able to take part in the in-game challenge, in support of the #PUBGMPlayAsOne of the campaign. The company has emphasised that this campaign is part of a “great initiative”. PUBG Corp, is also in the promotion of the members of the community to contribute their efforts in support of the fight against the pandemic. It’s called, from around 600 million players on a team, and play in order to fight against the pandemic. The company has launched a brand new game, “the Running Challenge, Donation event, from July 15 to July 28. Looking closely, PUBG, Mobile will be the addition of the sprint distance of the player in the game “in the server benchmark”. PUBG Corp, it will use this value to set a dollar will be donated to Direct Relief. Also Read PUBG Mobile Livik Map, the weapons-Everything you need to know

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It is also worth noting that the company has already donated $1 million, and the number will increase as more players from the game. The company will not disclose the actual amount donated following the achievement of the “server-wide milestones. Also Read PUBG Mobile to bring the Esports Awards, announced Tencent Games

Outside of the in-game challenge, PUBG, Mobile, and Direct Lights also have a special channel for the acceptance of a voluntary contribution. Interested players can visit the it is here in order to make donations. The company has also stated that this new campaign is to be in the same line as the #ChickenDinnerAtHome, and PlayApartTogether movements in the past.


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