PUBG Cell next season and 14 in detail, the trailer has leaked


We are almost at the end of the PUBG Mobile Season 13, and Season 14 is set to begin immediately. And now for the details on the next season of got leaked by Mr Ghost Gaming on his YouTube channel. In addition to this is the supposed trailer of the upcoming season has also been leaked. According to the leaks, the upcoming season is set to feature in the Spacious Pass-called “the Spark of The Flame’. Also Read PUBG Mobile: Livik Card details is published by Tencent Games

Some of the units had leaked, seem to have been inspired by the Egyptian mythology. The posters, the pictures, as well as the rewards, it can be seen in the video. There will be new skins, costumes, hats will come with the next season. As for the trailer, it seems to show the character skins that have been leaked, which means that it is possible for a while. Also Read PUBG Mobile is introducing a new Jungle and a Prey is set at the Old Spin to the event

PUBG Mobile Season 14: Confirmed-details

If the data are confirmed, PUBG, Mobile Season 14, it will be the new Livik card. It was only in closed beta, and the devs made it official just recently, on the social media. PUBG Mobile has confirmed that the secret card is called Livik Card. And now, its developers have shared a new tweet is pleased to announce that the next update to 0.19.0 to be released on the 7th of July. Also Read PUBG Mobile update to 0.19.0 release date

We’ve played around with the hidden map, which we expect to be the Livik card, and even though it was not in the final version of the map. We found that the map is quite small, and it would make for a tight action. From what we’ve played, it is clear that the map is pretty small, and it can be a 2x2km in size. This is probably the smallest map.

If you are exposed to the mechanics of Livik Card, which can be added with the update to 0.19.0, right off the bat, you’ll notice that it has elements of the other four cards in each corner. There have been a number of new weapons are on the map, it is the P90 SMG, as well as the SPAS-12 shotgun. The inclusion of these weapons, along with the way plenty of weapons that are available, in order to show that the devs want this to be an action card.

The Livik map is filled with buildings and obstacles in the way. It will also help you in combat by providing cover, while engaging the enemy. There have been a number of new buildings on the map. Plus, there are a few that show some buildings from other maps, can be used here as well.

Even though this is a very small card, there are a number of vehicles. It will still be helpful to see the rush of players, and take cover behind it. However, the old vehicles, like the Buggy, a Bike, and the UAZ are provided. In addition to this, there is a new monster truck in the map that you can have it all. This car is going to be about rock and cars. The Livik Card has been played and now the open beta version of the PUBG mobile, what are the features of the update to 0.19.0.


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