Private schools are red as govt clears obstruction for the students to travel to the state-run schools

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Posted: June 19, 2020 12:53:16 pm

As a result, the government of Haryana to a private school and not have to deal with the obstacles in the path of those students who are interested in the migration from private to state-run schools. (Representative)

A large number of parents in Haryana to get bogged down by the financial crisis, in the middle of the paycuts, loss of a job when the locking mechanism is in force and after the corona virus pandemic broke out, have moved their children from private schools to find the ones which are run by the government.

As a result, the government of Haryana to a private school and not have to deal with the obstacles in the path of those students who are interested in the migration from private to state-run schools. The department of education has also initiated a process to collect the data, to know the exact number of such students.

According to the official documents of the government, school heads, and a lot of teachers are at the height of the Haryana School Education Directorate-a large number of students are looking to migrate to a state-run primary schools. However, they could not be accepted by the online process and if the private schools were not issuing school leaving certificates.

Following the feedback received, the department of education has asked the government schools to immediately admit all of the students in the process of moving to the private sector.

“As to the admission of students, the private school concerned shall be requested to resolve the issue of their on-line school leaving certificate (SLC) within a period of 15 days. If the on-line SLC is not made within a period of 15 days, then it is to be understood that the local schools have been issued certificates”, which is an order issued by the school’s board of management on the 15th of June.

“The students are empowered to choose the school of their choice as per the Right to Education Act, 2009.” The directorate also noted that the formal education of students should not be affected by the Covid – 19 pandemic.

Director of Elementary education, Department of, Pardeep Kumar told the Indian Express that they have been asked by the government to the teachers at the school. “We have students in the public schools, even on the basis of a WhatsApp message,” he added.

According to officials, nearly half of the 52-lakh students are studying in private schools in Haryana. The state has about 24,000 schools, with nearly 14,500 of the state, while the rest are in the private sector.

A trend has emerged over the past couple of decades, where the middle-and lower-middle classes prefer to have their children in private schools instead of government schools. This trend is witnessed not only in the cities but also in small cities, towns, and villages, as well. As many as 2,502-government schools have been closed due to low enrollment.

“But a lot of people have lost their jobs and businesses have been shut down as a result of the lockout. In this scenario, it is impossible for them to get the last of the large payments made by the private schools in question, leading to the migration of their children to state-run schools,” said Wazir Singh, a spokesman of the Haryana Vidyalaya Adhyapak Sangh, an agency of the government, the teachers at the school.

Apart from the free education, the government schools are providing free books, and use the money for the uniform, the stationary, and the life cycles of the students. The students are from the dalit, backward and BPL families, there has been a determination of the amount of the allowance as well. The free mid-day meal is provided to all students up to grade 8.

A teachers’ union leader from Yamunanagar, Jagpal Singh, believes that almost 10 per cent of the students in private schools can move it to the authorities and those who are in the next couple of days.

The officers of the government, and the state-run school teachers ‘ unions believe that the migration of students from private schools will have a positive impact.

“As a student in the middle or even lower middle class families, including that of the employees of the government, for recording in the public schools, they will contribute to the development of this school, as it was previously done. The visit to the schools will be able to make a difference,” said an official, requesting not to be named.
Following concerns raised by the parents of a large amount being charged by the private schools, despite the fact that there will be no regular classes, by the government of Haryana has issued the orders and control of such schools, and to collect only the monthly tuition fee is only for those who are in a position to pay for it, and it is not the question of other costs, such as building fund, maintenance fund and entry fees, and computer fees in the wake of the Covid-19 in that situation.

“… these directions are issued in the context of the particular circumstances and on the basis of which is to deal with the world as a whole due to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, so there will be a slowdown in economic activity,” the government has told the Punjab and Haryana High Court, in its opinion, after the private schools have challenged the said order.

The private schools do, however, have argued that the authorities have not been able to prevent the charging of the fee at the enhanced rate. It is true that many of them are under severe financial difficulties as a result of the order.

National independent School Alliance (NISA), president Kulbhushan Sharma said the private schools in Haryana to have as many as six lakh members of staff.

“As a result of the instructions of the government, we did not ask the students to pay a security deposit for the last three months. And now the government is saying that there is no need for the school leaving certificate. As the government pulls out his instructions in relation to the school leaving certificate. If there is no condition of the school leaving certificate of the previous subscription,” said Sharma, adding that some of the school’s owners were on the verge of going into a deep depression.

Sharma said that many of the students will be able to move on to the state government, the schools, without the approval of the annual membership fee, which is a further development of the financial crisis being faced by the private schools. “The schools in the villages and small towns won’t survive, in this scenario,” said Sharma.

Haryana education minister, Kanwar Pal Gujjar told The Indian Express that the school’s owners had a meeting with him on the issue. “We are not against private schools, such as they are, also, the provision of education for all students. We will look at the issues that have been raised by them,” he said.

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