Poll: this is for the Realme of X3 Zoom is the right one for you?


It might be the issue? A periscope camera on a $ 500 phone that will be available in Europe, instead of China-exclusive? Of the Realme, X3 Zoom, it makes a reality, and shows that the brand is serious about getting a foothold on the Continent.

It boasts of 122-mm focal length, which is a 5x increase as compared to the main one. Be the talk of the 64MP the main cam, it helps when shooting from up to 60 x the hybrid, and zoom of the photos. The phone also features dual 8MP ultrawide cameras, one in front and one at the back is the most important selfie cam, and a 32MP shooter).

While this phone has all of the information about the camera, it really is all about a premium experience. The 12-gigabyte (gb) of RAM, and 256 gb of UFS-3.0-devices are tough to beat at this price point (again, look for models with a larger capacity).

The Snapdragon 855+ chipset, it is an interesting choice. Realme to opt-out of the 5G, leaving that to the X50 Pro, 5 G, which is also available in Europe. Anyway, the 855+ is faster than the 700-series Snapdragons (especially in the GPU department, and it doesn’t cost as much as the 865 – we wish more companies would do this.

The 6.57” screen with a 1080p resolution, and an LCD screen instead of an OLED screen, it will be a disappointment to some and a plus for others. The 120Hz refresh rate, put it in a pretty elite club, so it’s a win either way.

Realme X3's Camera in Arctic White and Glacier Blue
Realme X3's Camera in Arctic White and Glacier Blue
Realme X3's Camera in Arctic White and Glacier Blue
Realme X3's Camera in Arctic White and Glacier Blue

Realme X3’s Camera in Arctic White and Glacier Blue

Let’s take a look at the competition. Huawei, the P30-a Pro Edition, which also features a 5x periscope-lens and 2019 at the latest flagship chipset. However, even if the hardware is a year old, it cost £ 750 for the introduction.

The Poco < F2 > the Pro match of the Realme to $ 500, and it will have the Snapdragon 865 with the 5G and the TOUCH-screen. The refresh rate is 60Hz only as well as the 5MP camera at 50mm zoom, the camera literally can’t get close to the Lens of the camera.

Xiaomi may be to offer some competition with the e 10 A of Youth, that fame is going to be a European release, but the Realme, beat it to the punch. It has been the Honor of of 30, the likelihood that the abandonment of China’s relatively low at the moment.

And finally, Yes, you, with it’s own X50 Pro, 5G starts at $ 600. That doesn’t sound like a lot more expensive than the X3, but keep in mind that it is the basic configuration to get 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and with the zoom, the camera tops out at 2x.

Are you going to buy the Realme, X3 Zoom?


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