Poll results: the OnePlus Nord ” fails to live up to the hype


The hype train has left the station, but it’s not on his way to a record sales of last week’s poll, let’s see that OnePlus may have jumped to conclusions with the promotion of the region of Nord-if the phone doesn’t live up to the expectations of half of the electorate.

Everyone seems to have their own problem with the machine, it’s not an entirely original design, but the camera settings could have been better, there’s no 3.5 mm headphone jack, it’s too big, and so on.

One out of three are very happy with the location as it is, and that might be enough to get rid of the company’s sales targets. Otherwise, it is a “new beginning”, and that OnePlus has been touting, it will end up like the last time.

What’s interesting is that very few people will be interested in waiting for a possible T-type upgrade. Compare that to the OnePlus 8 in the new poll where 21% of voters said they are waiting for the 8T (53% of them said that the 7T is better).

Even with the promise of a lower-priced version of the INR 25,000 model that will be launch in India in September of this year, but it was not very popular. So, it’s not a problem, but what do you get for your money.


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