Poll results: the majority of the people are looking to spend up to $200-$600 for their next phone


Most of the people are looking to buy a phone in the $200-$600, shows the last week’s poll. The lower half of this range was found to be the most popular, and what does that mean for the $200-$400, it is the ideal place to go for a new device.

This also means that Apple has hit the bullseye with the iPhone, the SE (by 2020), which is about $400, if you can make do with 64GB of storage. The upgrade to the 128 GB will cost $50, which pushes things into the next price bracket, but that’s not really a surprise to Apple.

Still, an Apple-A13-chip set is $400 it should be a wake-up call for Android developers, and probably, I also have the Apple chip set is in a league of its own. To be honest, outside of the processor, with the SE sporting a lot of of the outdated hardware.

But that is not always the case. Of the Realme, X3 Camera is a periscope-cam, it is usually a flagship feature, and it will cost you $ 500 (which is in the $400-$600). In the same price range are models such as the Poco F2, easy-to-use to bring 5G connectivity and a Snapdragon 865 chipsets. You can also use 120Hz screens, without having to pay more than $600, large battery and fast charging.

There is still a market for the expensive models, and, of course, is, in fact, 1 in 4 voters will have to spend more than $600 for their next phone, which is more than $1,000. However, they do have the money to spare, or plan on keeping the phone for a long period of time.

That makes the iphone, attractive – Apple does not support its old models for years, longer than even the very best Android builders. Said, Android developers, the expansion of the support in time periods, to provide the peace of mind that your expensive gadget will not become obsolete in two years ‘ time.

Also, while in the more affordable phones may have similar or even the same camera hardware as well as the flag-ships, the companies tend to be more effort put into fine-tuning the software to their high-end phones, which will result in better photos and videos. As has been the case for the last couple of years, a great camera, it is one of the most important reasons to spend the extra to get a new phone.


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