Poll results: the iPhone, the SE (by 2020) will split opinions


Last week, we asked you if you would like to buy a new iPhone will BE (by 2020) and by 46% of those who responded said they are interested in.

Interestingly enough, it is the small and powerful aspect of the phone excited for more than the relatively low asking price.

For those who found the iPhone, the SE (by 2020) is not good enough to be far in 2014, the panels were a lot more of a problem than it is the lonely and behind the camera – by a nearly 3:1 margin.

The people who would buy it or not, the iPhone is the SE (2020) would be more likely to choose 128GB as a base storage of 64GB is chosen as the next best option. Not a lot of people would like to go for a 256 GB model, which drives the price too high.

Poll results: the iPhone, the SE (by 2020) is to help people split

While on the subject, we’re getting close to publishing our full review of the iPhone, the SE (by 2020).


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