Poll results: Poco-M2 Pro-fails to impress fans of the original


The original Poco F1 was born out of unique circumstances, and Xiaomi has managed to produce a cheap supply of the flagship Snapdragon 845 chipset, and it made for an affordable, powerful phone is a true flagship killer.

It was a fortunate alignment of the stars, which is still not all the way done. Something else happened also, – and the Poco brand, went to the mid-range market, and, more recently, in the segment below. But that’s still up for it?

Last week, the poll will give a clear answer – no. How to add 33W quickly to get the Redmi Note in 9S (aka ” Note: 9, Pro in India, it is not enough to live up to the Poco fans. It Was fast to load, even with a significant element of the brand identity? 18W it was not bad at all for 2018 and beyond, but it’s nothing stellar either.

The Poco’s F1 was all about the performance, and the Poco-M2 Pro does not provide. It’s obvious that Xiaomi was working to a specific budget, which is limited in the chipset options, but the Snapdragon 720, G, is not a good choice as well.

In the comments a lot of the last few Dimensity chipset from MediaTek. The Dimensity of 800, for example, will have four Cortex-A76 nuclei, in comparison with the two-A76-derived Kryo 465 cores of the Snapdragon. There is also the Dimensity 820, which will add an extra GPU core and the edges are even with the S765G in terms of graphics, the 720-G.

Xiaomi has been a mobile phone based on the Dimensity 820, the Redmi 10X, and it starts at CNY 1,600 in China (about $230), it’s not much more than that, the Poco is M2 Pro, which comes to INR 1,400 in India, for$200 or so).

Xiaomi, the comparison of Poco-M2 Pro-united states. Realme 6, Pro. (click for a closer look)

Xiaomi, the comparison of Poco-M2 Pro-united states. Realme 6 Pro, which allows Realme And 90 Hz screen)

With the 10X, it even has a TOUCH screen, but it misses out on one of the other much-requested feature in the comments of one of the high refresh rate of the display. The Poco a brand used to be all about speed and performance, and HRR will have lived up to your expectations.

The Poco M2 Pro has a faster-than-average recharge, and a solid camera for its price range, but it doesn’t stand out in the category of the way the F1 did. It will likely win over some fans, but the poll results make it pretty clear that this was not a runaway success.

Poll results: Poco-M2 Pro-fails to impress fans of the original

Oh, and one last thing – do people really weren’t happy to be a part of Xiaomi’s cost-cutting measures with regard to the ads in SEVERAL.


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