Poll results: Poco: F2 Pro and it was well worth the wait, it would have been better without the 5 g of


The Poco < F2 > Pro, it was well worth the wait, and the results of last week’s poll show a general positive attitude, but it is not without a few comments on the feature set.

The prevailing view is that the 5G connectivity, it is largely wasted, as is the area of the Poco to be popular will be, just not next-gen networks, not just yet. For example, people in India may have to wait until 2022 to get 5G coverage by the local carriers.

Of course, with this model, the Poco will attempt to break into new markets, for example, in Europe, and the 5G, it will make a difference. Still, it sounds like most of the people would have been happier to have the 4G and a price cut instead.

Speaking of, what the people wanted, a lot of the comments are saying that it is based on the F2 Pro Redmi K30 Pro Zoom would have been better if the bumps are its 5MP camera 2x telephoto lens-camera 8MP 3x and adds it AS the how do these two compare).

Actually, a better camera, it would have been a nice-to-have, but it would have caused a Poco don’t miss the $500/€500 price target, which is considerably higher than the $ 330 that was not the original Poco cost back in the day.

Of course, Poco pulled off a miracle, then it is of the Snapdragon of 845 to be so cheap. Today, there are no miracles to be had, and the 865 is notoriously expensive, but without it, we would be looking at an 855 chip, at which point you might as well just be a 2019 phone), or 765G, but that wouldn’t be much of an upgrade from the Poco, X2).

Poll results: Poco: F2 Pro and it was well worth the wait, it would have been better without the 5 g of

The Poco < F2 > Pro, which was released earlier in the week, but for now, at least, you will have to deal with, AliExpress, and GearBest, which can be a source of headaches. So, you might want to wait and just keep an eye on our prices page, for the latest developments.


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