Poll: Is iOS 14, is a worthy upgrade? You can turn off?


iOS 14, to millions and millions of devices – from the iPhone 6s, and parents, including the original SE, and the improvement of the phones. Even better, the new features, it can turn out to be just what was needed for some of the millions of Android users to make the jump.

The new version includes a number of the acknowledged Android-like features, but also added things that Android should have a copy. We have got written about, a iOS, 14, the length of it, so let’s go over the highlights quickly, and for you to point out to the polling station.

These are finally being treated as first-class citizens, they will have to lock the screen or on the view Today, always felt like an afterthought. Android users will be able to feel smug, but the widget stacks are an interesting idea.

What's new in iOS 14: the App Library

What’s new in iOS 14: the home screen, select widgets, • App Library

You might think that the widgets don’t work, without an app drawer. Instead of just adding an Apple to be copied from the Smart Folder concept of the mac – things that are automatically sorted into folders according to the category. In the App’s Library, it is not at all the same thing, if it is available on app shortcuts, and files are not, but there you go.

An even bigger change is the option to set a different default web browser and e-mail applications. You probably don’t care about Safari’s rendering engine, versus that of firefox and Chrome, but care about bookmarks and passwords will sync to your desktop: P. And since the majority of iPhone owners do not have a Mac, it was the people playing it with two browsers just to get the number of the sync action.

What's new in iOS 14: Higher privacy features
What's new in iOS 14: iMessage improvements

What’s new in iOS 14: Improved privacy features, • iMessage improvements

Once again, Android users are not impressed with it. However, the new privacy features in iOS 14, it is something that Android should be an indicator if an app is using your camera or microphone, you can give an app is just an approximation of the location, and it allows you to expose only a few of the photos in your entire gallery, it is an all-or-nothing affair).

There have been a lot more interesting, iOS has 14 functions, these are just a few of the highlights. Better group chat features, Maps, improvements to Siri’s translation mode, and some of the other features are things that Android did before, it’s better than iOS. Now the iOS can be a viable alternative to the hard-core Android users, or does it?

Also, keep in mind that it is still in the beta stage and the stable release should be around the same time that the itunes store in 12 models to be unveiled. Also, a number of improvements such as faster camera that can take advantage of the new models more than the old one.


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