Pixel phone with a 120Hz 6.67-inch display in the works


Google teased the Pixels 5 and 5 G, and 4-5G, without having to reveal a great deal about them. The Pixel is 4-5G, it will probably be very similar to the 4G model is announced a few days ago, with a 5.81″ appears on the display). The CAD-based position of the Pixel 5 in the display at 5.78″ (it wasn’t officially confirmed, though).

Now, Ross Young, who has been tapped to companies such as “display of a supply chain, says that Google is sourcing 6.67” panels from Samsung Display, and BOE. This includes a brand-new model is that it’s too late.

A CAD-based to a Pixel 5 and the XL did that surface at the start of July, however, they insist that they have a 6.12″ setting. We still haven’t heard a lot about the 5, XL, and since, therefore, it is the fate of it is uncertain. There is also a Pixel 5 is in the works, but there is no info on the display size yet.

Unofficial builds: Pixel 5 (5.78

Illicit uses: Pixels 5 XL (6.12″ appears on the display) • Pixel-5 (5.78″)

We doubt that the phone in question is an “a” model such as this is Google’s first 120-Hz panel. The company has two high-refresh-rate displays in the line-up for the 90 Hz and the panels are mounted at the Pixels 4 and 4 XL.

It is of the 4 S, which had a 6.3-inch display, as the 3-XL), this new model will be Google’s biggest phone, at any distance.

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