Pitt COVID-19 of the cases, triple in a week


COVID-19 cases in the Likely to have tripled since last Friday, with a total of 14 students and 5 staff members now have a positive test on Thursday. Five students and one staff member tested positive for as of last Friday, the first of the weekly Friday reports the number of files.

Pitt spokesman Kevin Zwick, said the affected persons have to be isolated in a designated location for a campus with a medical care and supervision, or off-campus residence, until they have to repair it.

The Oakland campus is mostly empty, except for the student-athletes of voluntary workout. Pitt football players started off with a phased return on the 8th of Juneand will be in quarantine for two weeks prior to the start of the voluntary workouts. Men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball and soccer as well as volleyball players and staff, back go to the campus on Monday, and will undergo a two-week quarantine.

Pitt Athletics spokesman E. J. Borghetti said: “at present there are no plans to change the phased-in return to the schedule for the athletes, but said the Athletics Department would “always be vigilant” about the health of the students.

The University’s increase in the number of cases is, when Allegheny County was moved from Thursday to recover from the closure of bars, restaurants and casinos, it is due to an increase in cases. The province reported the highest-ever single-day number of the case on Thursday, the 233 people who have a positive test. Reported county cases, it is Thursday and more than doubled on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 109 and 110, respectively.

Government officials said this week that the University is still planning for the students ‘ return to Oakland in August for about five weeks, — before the start of class. [email protected]the University’s new teaching model, the students will be able to attend class in-person or on-line, in an attempt to prevent the continued spread of the virus. The University Of it will operate under a three-tier systemMonitored Risk, High risk, or High Risk, with different levels of activities are allowed under each one.

Zwick does not respond directly to questions about whether the increase in the number of cases in Oakland and throughout the country, and the people of the University to pause its plans for the year.


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