Pitt adds 4 new COVID-19 cases since last Friday


Jon Moss, the Editor-in-Chief

Pitt added four new COVID-19 cases, consisting of two students and two members of staff on Friday weekly a case report. The University has a total of 27 students and a staff of 16, a positive test result, as of June 26, including 24 students and nine staff members recovered so far.

The University has been a slight increase in the number of cases is, as Allegheny County has not seen a sustained increase in the number of cases in recent weeks, with near-record 244 new cases were reported on Friday. The Oakland campus is still mostly empty, except for the six Pitt track and field teams who turned last month, and for volunteer training.

However, the area does not remain empty for long. Students the move on-campus housing, there are 1500 steps, and the whole of the month of August, with the first arriving in August. 11. All the students are back in Oakland have been asked shelter-in-place up to seven days prior to and after their arrival, however, the officials said, that Likely will not keep up and students who have completed the shelter-in-place. Pitt also has a planned the testing of a student for the purposes of monitoring the virus’ spread required students, faculty, and staff to complete the COVID-19 for training, and imposed the severe punishment for health-guidelines offenses.

Even though Pitt has been in the implementation of the the new [email protected] the education modelthat is, providing students with the opportunity to experience classes ‘ in-person, or remotely, synchronously or asynchronously,” and it is not yet clear if the in-person classes. The officials would not commit on Thursday to a specific or approximate date for when will fall classes that will move them from online, only in person. The first semester will begin with the in the Aug. 19, but the University of said: the classes would make the transition from in-person instruction, on Aug. 24.

Dr. John Williams, the head of the Pitt’s COVID or 19 Medical Response, the Officesaid the medical experts will look at the information on the site, the City and the county terms and conditions for the assessment of the local status of the COVID-19 pandemic. He said that the decision to move from the Oakland campus and on the Guarded Risk attitude, it is revised to “at least once a week.”

“No, We can’t really have a specific date this far in advance without knowing what these variables are going to be doing,” Williams said.

The rapid succession of new policies, as some members of the community in doubt as to whether the safeguards are sufficient, and more and more universities and school districts across the country have decided that in-person instruction, it is not worth the risk. A New Chancellor, Patrick Gallagher said in mid-July that he, too, was concerned about the state of the country at this point in the current-COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have to look at the pandemic form of the movement is in the direction of what many of us consider to be the worst-case scenario,” Gallagher said at the time. “It’s moving in the wrong direction, and it is widely distributed, it occurs in the area, and it’s causing a lot of uncertainty.”


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