Photos: Oakland, alameda, and largely empty – The Pitt News


In Oakland there is a little bit different than the one two months ago by the corona virus a pandemic, but it is before the busy of the streets are not empty at all. A walk through the campus on a Wednesday, it wasn’t quite a ghost town, with runners and cyclists, and for people to grab food at the Carving Stations. While some familiar faces have been replaced with the eyes of the mask, and the bumper-to-bumper traffic, it has largely been replaced with a solitary Port Authority buses, and Oakland is still Oakland, and its well-known landmarks, for the comfort of a worry. The Cathedral of Learning is still high on the campus, the birds are still feeding in the same patch of grass, and, most importantly, the hospital workers can be seen crossing the street, and if their hospitals are proud to be in the city. Oakland misses her students, but she will be back.


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