Our OnePlus 8 video review


Our OnePlus 8 in a video review by the way, it’s time to pay attention to the flag killer a member of this new generation of OnePlus phone. First of all, the OnePlus 8, it is the most expensive phone in the company’s line of up-to-date, starting at $900/€900. Overall, for the price, you get to be one of the best around, and the latest Snapdragon 865 chipset, with a wide-angle settings, and a few long-awaited additions, such as wi-fi charging, and an official IP rating.

On paper, the 8 ticks all the boxes for a europe 2020 flagship initiative, but does it live up to the hype and is it worth it? Ricky is here to bring you his thoughts on the OnePlus 8, so sit back and enjoy the show.

Get past the high asking price of the OnePLus For 8, Pro offers some of the best user experiences on the Android side right now. The 120Hz WQHD+ Liquid AMOLED display is one of the best of the mobile panels that are out there, and to have the freedom to set the maximum resolution and maximum refresh rate at the same time, along with a near-perfect color accuracy and peak brightness it is very, very nice.

Just like any other OnePlus phones, the performance is top-notch, thanks to its powerful, single, and clean, Oxygen OS. The gain of the camera, which is the most important 48MP shooter game, delivered an impressive picture in both day-and night-time.

The extra-48MP ultrawide and a 8MP telephoto shooters weren’t all that impressive, while fourth-5 MEGAPIXELS Colour filter in front of the sensor, the sensor is just a gimmick. Elsewhere, the OnePlus For 8 Pro which is more or less on par with the rest of the “flagship” of the range, you can use the extended written review for more details.


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