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We’re in the final week of the PUBG Mobile, Season 12, Season 13, drops on the 7th of May. Tencent Games has set the release of 0.18.0-update on the 7th of May. And now that the devs have been teasing what’s going to be added to the game with the next update. With the new update, it will be possible to be referred to as ” Mad, Miramar, and make changes to the Miramar on a map of the game. Also Read PUBG Mobile add Free Kitty, is Set to be the Classic Case of

Miramar is the second map to be added to PUBG, and has remained the same ever since. The map has been updated for the PC version of the game from last year. The new update seems to have made these changes, the PUBG latest version of the map. The first figure shows the results of the screen the UI will be updated. It can be equipped with a number of statistics on guns used as well as most of the damage is caused by the different target areas of the body. The Golden Mirado skin, all of that has been introduced in order to PUBG PC for a while, come back to the PUBG on Mobile devices as well. Also Read PUBG Mobile Mad the Miramar update comes out on the 7th of May

A new video has been posted on Twitter, shows some of the fireworks are done at the Miramar on the map. This also applies to the new Ruins a locale along with a new Race Track. There is also a new Haven area in the northern part of the map. In addition, the new Gold Mirado, the devs are adding in a 2.7 x Scope of the Win94 as well. This makes the weapon much more versatile and easier to use. Also Read PUBG Mobile is announced in daily tournaments on the controversy

The Tilted View of the annex will also be introduced to the history of Miramar the update. The Tilted View will help the players to attach a scope to it, together with which means that guns can be used for both long and short distances, and at the same time.

A new gun, this is for the P90 SMG is going to be on his way to the Arena of Fashion. There are also slot machines to be added to the game, which is set as painkillers and energy drinks, and more. It is also a good Park to have given in to the picture when it is unclear as of now. We need to get some more information about it soon.


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