Orange County, Riverside County, given the Green Light To the Re-Opening of Restaurants – CBS Los Angeles


LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) At a number of restaurants in the Orange County and Riverside County, we were happy for the first time in months, and after that, the government officials, they were able to offer dine-in.

“People will be able to continue to live in a place of fear,” said Riverside County Supervisor for Karen in the Mirror. “I’m looking forward to seeing things again, are. Each of these companies is of great importance, and it may be a safe, responsible, and successful.”

While the crowds were considerably smaller, local businesses say they just want to keep their doors open, even when she is at half of its capacity.

“I think it will be good to go,” said Ed Patrick, and of the Chaak Cuisine in Tustin. “There are a lot of people have been doing with this whole pandemic situation, and would like to get them back and get normal.”

The Business is back, yes, but the atmosphere was far from normal. Tables, a distance of six feet from each other, and the servers are wearing face shields and masks.

By Law, a Restaurant in los angeles, there was a long line of customers eager to break in to their home and the plans for the uk, including couples and families. The owner, Michael, Huddleston decided to re-open the dining-room, and two outdoor patios.

“We have an action of about half of the tables,” Huddleston said. “There aren’t any stools at the bar.”

Riverside County, said the corona virus cases have been stable and have not seen a significant increase. Along with the provision of food in the retail market and also offer in-person services.

Despite the fact that some people are saying that they won’t go back to activities such as sitting down in a restaurant, and until there is a vaccine.

“Not at all. It is not a safe place. If it’s not safe for the children to go to school, so why would it be safe for us to have dinner at a place to eat,” said Alicia Pacheco.

As for the restaurants, you can go back to work at the Riverside, and Orange Counties, interested parties are still expected to practice as a physical distance, staying about six feet apart from others.

In spite of the changes to the local restaurants offer dine-in, and many of them choose not to proceed with the delivery and pick up as they weigh their options.


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